Multiservizi LLC is licensed by Viterbo Police Headquarters to carry out debt collection. We offer an international debt collection service aimed at satisfying the needs of both private and public authorities. We act worldwide through our network, which today includes 90 Countries, using well-established operational processes and in the language of the country concerned.

The service is divided into 3 well-defined, sequential steps:

  • An initial, friendly notice
  • Extrajudicial debt collection
  • Judicial debt collection if necessary.

At the extrajudicial stage, we collaborate with specialized law firms connected with our international network.

The benefits of working with Multiservizi LLC include:

  • A single manager at all four stages.
  • All file transfer is handled by professional, certified systems.
  • Protection of sensitive data is managed according to the European legislation (GDPR),
  • Direct access to the platform and the ability to monitor files and progress.
  • Monthly accounting.
  • Fees are applied only in the event that the debt is recovered.
  • Availability of call-center support
  • Worldwide coordination of the debt collection process.

All the above-mentioned points are a guarantee of great success.