Handling fines in Italy

Safety21 provides a management service always in line with the most recent regulations, plus a timely and accurate service with the following characteristics:

1. A state-of-the-art, cloud-based management service designed so that it can be completely managed by the police department.

2. Optimization of the police officers’ tasks, so that their job is easier and more efficient, and so that citizens’ lives can be made easier as well.

3. Online access to documentation, requests for information, and payment of fines and penalties directly from home.

4. Timely management of violations via an efficient connection with the national database, thus accelerating the data research process.

5. Simplified sending of traffic tickets thanks to the Post Office’s integrated notification service. All fines are delivered and tracked, step by step, as well as stored by the Police department. If the violator’s address is not correct, or does not exist, or if the violator has moved, the control center will be able to look for the new data and re-notify the fine.

Our service reduces costs and improves quality, particularly through the timely delivery of fines, thus eliminating the risk of errors. The service relies on the most modern technological tools to guarantee quickness and trustworthiness to customers. It is divided into simple, safe, convenient stages that fully respect European Regulation 2016/679 governing personal data protection.

In order to make the management service of traffic tickets even more updated and transparent, and especially with the aim of helping the front office service of the municipal police department, many information services are also offered, which allow the citizen who has received a fine to dispel the doubts which may arise by reading a traffic ticket. The offered products enable the access to a few services: the photographical proof of the violation, the documentation provided by the Police department, certifications, the copy of the fine and everything related to the fine itself.

A support service concerning appeals is also offered. Should the violator appeal to the Justice of Peace and/ or to the Prefect, our legal partners carry out a thorough analysis of the appeal and the Police department will draft the counterclaim where they will reply to the points challenged by the violator.